Off-Site Instrument Processing

Solution for:

  • Clinic Peel Packs, Kits & Trays
  • Medical Office Buildings
  • Overflow Processing
  • Ancillary Departments
  • Construction/ Contingency
  • ASC Support
  • Vendor Tray Management
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Off-Site Vendor Tray Management

  • Trays can be checked in with SPSA
  • Delivery and/or Pick-Up Services
  • Washed after use
  • Fully processed and held or delivered
  • Checked out from SPSA
  • Ideal for multisystem sites/ local Health Networks
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Our Story

SPSA is comprised of a single processing 30,000 square foot facility in Long Beach, California. Over a span of more than 25 years, legacy generations of our organization have processed reusable surgical packs, and more recently, procedural or surgical instruments.

Today our SPSA business is split nearly 50/50 between reusable surgical packs and client owned instrument processing. The detailed operating procedures developed through extended research and validation by our predecessors remain intact, which are based on recommendations from the leading textile and instrument processing associations, as well as guidance and regulations established for us by the FDA.


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