LONG BEACH, CA, April 7 —The novel Coronavirus outbreak has affected millions of people worldwide through personal sickness, overwhelming uncertainty and government regulated lockdowns.  On March 11, 2020 the World Health Organization officially declared the outbreak a pandemic effectively shutting down many parts of the public sector. As a result, healthcare systems are bracing for an influx of patients as a result of the disease and will rely heavily on strong partners to assist them during these extraordinary circumstances.

Sterile Processing Services of America (“SPSA”), an outsourced provider of hospital sterilization services, is committed to assisting its customers in the healthcare industry with excellent service while they battle this virus on the front lines. With a strategic emphasis on instrument and linen sterilization services on a long-term or emergency basis, SPSA is well prepared to help its customers handle the Covid-19 crisis. 

“We understand many hospitals are seeing an influx of patients related to Covid-19.  SPSA is able to assist our customers quickly and effectively by remaining true to our core services including a proven offsite processing system of most types of surgical instruments as well as specializing in compliance-oriented services,” said Jennifer Greisen, President of SPSA.  “We are open for business with a full staff, and are committed to assisting hospitals during this time of need so they can focus on solving the crisis one patient at a time.”

SPSA is working with multiple vendors to find a solution to sterilize N95 respirator masks.  Additionally, SPSA is working with hospitals to repurpose reusable surgical gowns and convert them for isolation use.  Both of these initiatives will help protect front-line healthcare workers as they battle this disease. 


Sterile Processing Services of America is a leading provider of off-site sterilization services (instruments and linen) for clinics, surgery centers, and hospital centers.  SPSA services both client-owned instruments and equipment and reusable surgical packs. SPSA is trusted by many of the largest hospital systems and healthcare networks, including HCA Healthcare, Steward Healthcare Systems, UCLA Health, Sharp, Kaiser Permanente, Dignity Health, and others. The company has facilities in Long Beach, CA as well as Salt Lake City, Utah. For more information, please visit  www.spsausa.com

For more information contact Jennifer Greisen, President, SPSA at jgreisen@spsausa.com or (817) 658-0768

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